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It’s so quiet.

Okay. That last confession has to happen.

My feelings are spilling onto the floor. ~Admin A

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Congratulations! You’ve Been Accepted As Glenn Rhee

Welcome to the group Ali! Is this the account you’ll be using? :)

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Out of Character:
Name: Just call me Ali!
Timezone: PST/Pacific Time
Age: 14

In Character:
Character’s Name: Glenn Rhee
Ships: Maggie/Glenn (OTP forever!)

Brief Bio: Pre-apocalypse, Glenn moved to Atlanta from Michigan, and little was known about his family before- only that he had an unknown number of sisters. Personality wise, Glenn is a very wise boy, and brave, as well. He is always looking our for the group, by being resourceful and quick about things. Though he’s so young, and he has seen many deaths and many other things during the apocalypse, he continues a bright personality, not all too effected by the events.

Sample of Para (At least 1 Paragraph): Even with the warmth of Maggie on the side of him, for /some/ reason Glenn couldn’t get one wink of sleep. Maybe he was just becoming slightly worrisome of any threat that could easily get into their current area, the prison. Anything could happen— at any moment. It wasn’t always nice deliberating on the atrocious side of things- everything would be better soon. Their current residing area was even starting to feel like home, but that could be ruined soon. But maybe one day, everything could be better. One day.

Sorry for inactivity on the main page

We are finally back from our trip from Michigan. All confessions will be made and posted and look for the zombie blog later this week.

okay really silly question. i play daryl, right. i was wondering if i could also take up another character if i wanted to???

Sure! I think that would be wonderful!

It’s our second day at the Theatre competition in Michigan.

Admin S has made it to the finals. :D

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Just because you're a group, can you interact with others outside of it as well? I'm not saying whore yourself around to the entire RP community, but a few others?

I would suppose so. As long as things are properly tagged so no one gets confused.

So tomorrow morning, Samantha and I leave for Michigan for a theatre competition. Our activity will be a bit scattered until we get back Sunday. In the meantime (Slowly, but surely) We will have a zombie blog and a confessions blog.

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